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English menü:

1-Steak tartare with vegetables and toast 2400
2-Spicy fried brains with fresh vegetables and toast 1450
3-Salmon paste with toast (mixed salad with balsamic vinegar) 1550

4- Hungarian pork soup Hajdúság style with grated noodles 850
5- Chicken broth Újháza style with screw-shaped noodles 850
6- Liver dumpling soup with vegetables 850
7- Creamy onion soup in a cob 950
8- "Follow-me-lads" soup in a cob chicken, vegetables, tarragon, dill, lemon 1050
9- Bean goulash with smoked pork knuckle 950
10- Jókai bean soup 990
11- Catfish soup 1550
12- Fish soup with sour cream 1650
13- Raspberry cream soup with ice-cream, whipped cream (seasonal) 900
Ready-made dishes:
14- Tripe stew with boiled potato 2150
15- Tripe stew with smoked pork knuckle and parsley potato 2250
16- Tripe stew with brains and parsley potato 2300
17- Pork knuckle stew with noodles 1650

Vegetarian dishes:
18- Camembert cheese fried in almond coat with blue-berry ragout 1950
19- Grilled Camembert with vegetable rolls, fruit ragout 2450
20- Vegetarian plate 2350
(mushroom in breadcrumbs, cauliflower, camembert, vegetable rolls with yogurt and dill dressing)
21- Pasta stuffed with flap mushroom with letsho and Parmesan cheese 1850
22-Hash browns with cheese, sour cream 1150

23-Spicy chicken breast bits on salad bed 1600
24-Grilled pike-perch slices with fresh salad and lime dressing, roasted almond 1700
25-Seeded turkey slices with fresh salad and hot honey dressing 1600

26-Cottage cheese noodles with homemade cracklings 1050
27-Ewe cheese potato noodles with smoked pork knuckle 1450
Beef dishes:
28-"Véndiófa" steak – tenderloin in bacon rings with rose pepper potato 2900
29- Bacon-rolled tenderloin in red wine mushroom sauce, with potato croquet 3490
30- Inn steak
(tenderloin, tomato, spicy ewe cheese roasted with hash browns, fresh salad) 3100
31- Sirloin in green pepper sauce with potato purée 2450
32- Sirloin steak with fried onion rings 2150

Fish dishes:
33- Whole roasted walleye with buttery–parsley potato, lemony Hollandaise sauce 3650
34- Roasted trout in seeded coat, stuffed with flap mushroom,
vegetable pancake and roasted vegetables 2850
35- Grilled pike-perch with spice butter and roasted vegetables 2850
36- Catfish paprika stew with ewe cheese potato noodles 2450
37- Grilled trout with fresh salad, special Inn dressing 2400

Pork dishes:
38- Brains in breadcrumbs with French fries and tartar sauce 2050.-
39- Pork rolls Zengővár style with French fries and dill dressing (pork cutlets stuffed with bacon, cheese and ham, in breadcrumbs) 2550
40- Spit-roasted pork cutlets (pork shoulder with "rooster comb" lard) 1600
41- Pork cutlets in breadcrumbs 1450
42- Grilled pork medallions with dill Hollandaise sauce, bacon snow peas, vegetable rolls 2350

43- Inn roasts (grilled mustard chicken, turkey breast, port shoulder with "rooster comb" lard, fried sausage, jacket potatoes, homemade pickles) 2450
44- Wooden platter roasts (grilled pork shoulder, pork sirloin, chicken breast with French fries, fried onion rings) 2350
45 - Diófa platter for 2 (1 grilled pork shoulder, 1 pork cutlet in batter, 1 roasted duck thigh, 1 turkey breast stuffed with cheese, with jacket potatoes and fresh salad) 4500
46 - Diófa platter for 4 (2 grilled pork shoulders, 2 pork cutlets in batter, 2 roasted duck thighs, 2 turkey breasts stuffed with cheese, with jacket potatoes and fresh salad) 9000
47 - Inn platter for 2 (1 chicken breast in hash brown batter, 1 "Harvestman" cutlet (stuffed with sausage, cheese, onion, bacon), 1 "Bocskai" stuffed pork cutlet (stuffed with smoked lard, vinegar pepper, onion), 1 turkey breast stuffed with smoked pork knuckle and cheese, with jacket potatoes, steamed rice, homemade pickles) 4700
48 - Inn platter for 4 (2 chicken breasts in hash brown batter, 2 "Harvestman" cutlets (stuffed with sausage, cheese, onion, bacon), 2 "Bocskai" stuffed pork cutlets (stuffed with smoked lard, vinegar pepper, onion), 2 turkey breasts stuffed with smoked pork knuckle and cheese, with jacket potatoes, steamed rice, homemade pickles) 9400

Dishes made solely from Hungarian ingredients:
49- Grey cattle goulash 1150
50- Grey cattle with homemade noodles 2250
51- Stuffed cabbage "Véndiófa" style (from Mangalica pork) 1950
52- Beer lamb knuckles with ewe cheese potato purée and fried onion 3650

Game dishes:
53- Game ragout with rose-hip jam and parsley potato 2550
54- Deer roast with blue-berry ragout and potato croquet 2800
55- Deer roast in red wine mushroom sauce, with hash browns and steamed vegetables 2800

Poultry dishes:
56- Turkey breast stuffed with smoked pork knuckle and cheese (with jacket potatoes, fresh salad, dill dressing) 2550
57- Pullet breast steak on salad bed, Inn dressing 1950
58- Crispy roast duck thighs (2 pieces) with onion mashed potato, steamed purple cabbage 2450
59- Roasted chicken breast in almond crisp coat with potato purée and sour cherry ragout 2150
60- Chicken breast fried in hash brown batter (with fresh salad, garlic sour cream) 2250

Pork knuckle dishes:
61- Uncle Jóska"s roast (pork knuckle with ewe cheese and dill sauce, roasted together with onion jacket potatoes) 2350
62- Pork knuckle of baker’s wife style (soused, roasted pork knuckle with onion jacket potatoes, fried onion rings) 2250
63- Smoked pork knuckle roasted on hash brown batter (with grated cheese, roasted together with fresh salad, garlic sour cream) 2350
64- Bean farm pork knuckle (smoked pork knuckle, smoked sausage with hot bean ragout) 2350
65- Pot-roasted feast (chicken breast, smoked pork knuckle, roasted pork knuckle, red onion, pearl onion, grated cheese, fried potato cubes, all roasted together 2450

Seasonal specialties:
66- Stuffed hash browns(eggplant, zucchini, grated cheese, chicken breast) with fresh salad and hot sauce 2150
67- Chicken breast stuffed with Camembert cheese, in almond coat, with steamed rice and caramelized anise apple ragout 2350
68- Confitted pork medallions in green pepper sauce, with baked potato 2150
69- "Outlaw" roast (pork shoulder with hot mustard and fried onion rings) with baked potato 1850

70- Hungarian sponge cake of Somló style 800
71- Inn bowl (Hungarian sponge cake with ice-cream, sour cream ragout, chocolate topping, whipped cream) 850
72- Cheese cake with blue-berry topping 850
73- Orange truffle cake with ice-cream 900
74- Curd cheese dumplings in sweet crumbs, with raspberry topping 950
75 -"Diófa" pancake (with chocolate topping, sour cherry ragout, stuffed Hungarian sponge cake and served cold) 850
76- Homemade noodles 380
77- Steamed rice 350
78- Jacket potatoes 420
79- French fries 450
80- Parsley potato 380.
81- Potato purée 420
82- Roasted vegetables 650
83- Potato croquet in breadcrumbs 450
84- Spring rolls (butter pastry stuffed with vegetables) 750
85- Baked potato 450
86- Cucumber salad 450
87- Tomato salad 450
88- Pickled cucumber 350
89- Vinegar pepper 350
90- Mixed pickles 350
91- Fermented cucumbers (seasonal) 350
92- Cabbage salad 350

93- Inn sauce
(olive oil, mustard, Worchester sauce, apple cider vinegar, white pepper, icing sugar, bear leek) 250
94- Tartar sauce 250
95- Dill dressing 250
96- Garlic dressing 250
97- Sour cream 200

98- Beef burger
(beef patty, fresh vegetables, ketchup, mustard, cheese) with spicy jacket potatoes, dip 1750
99- Smoked pork knuckle burger
(grilled smoked pork knuckle, sour cabbage, red onion, mustard, horse radish) with spicy jacket potatoes, dip 1750
100- Chicken burger
(grilled chicken breast, fresh vegetables, mayonnaise, tarragon, cheese) with spicy jacket potatoes, dip 1750
101- Vega burger
(grilled Camembert cheese, fresh vegetables, roasted vegetables) with spicy jacket potatoes, dip 1900

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Helyszín: Bocskaikert, Debreceni út 43

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